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A community for Michael/Dean fans

Mayan Endings
Title:Mayan Ending
Summary:Dean faces the End of the world and this time theres nothing he can do to stop it.He gets an unexpected visitor


I come bearing fic
El Dorado
Just a collection of everything Dean/Michael I've written so far. :)
Also, this is what my Michael looks like: here

Proposal (Dean/Michael, G)

Brotherly Advice (Dean/Michael, Sam/Lucifer, G)

Consequences (Dean/Michael, Sam/Lucifer, G)

Click (Dean/Michael, PG)

Slow (Dean/Michael, PG)


Comment Meme!
El Dorado
So, to kick things off, since there is a distinct lack of fic, we shall have a comment meme!

This is where you can post prompts that are Dean/Michael centric and have them filled! Any and all fanworks are accepted! Spread the love!
RPS/F, AU, whatever you want, so long as it centers around Dean and Michael (or their actors. ;3).

(IDEK. You guys know what to do. Just do it.)

And we're off!
El Dorado
I can't think of anything more to add to the community at this point, so I'll just open it to posting, I guess. :)
(Feel free to point out things that the community should have. I'm learning as I go, here. ^^)

I keep editing these posts, lol. Adding details here. :)

~ Rules and basic info are on the profile/user info page, so be sure to check that out before posting.
~ I'm looking for good icons for the community that I can use, so you guys aren't assaulted by the sight of armadillo love every time you glance over here. XD
~ I think I'll go ahead and start us off with a comment meme thing so we can start generating fic, because fic makes the world a happier place.
~ No one's reading this now, since I'm just editing to add this and it won't show up as a new post, but I felt like this was good stuff to have here. So.

Reminder: You can't post to the community until you are a member, so be sure to join!

Affiliates post
El Dorado
Affiliates and that sort of thing go here. Just comment. :)